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Retreat Registration


Sunday, February 20th - Sunday, February 27th 2022

This will be a "Householders Retreat". It is an opportunity to intensify our practice together for one week, while continuing to work, take care of family obligations and so on.  However, there is a commitment of both time and action. Please register only if you are prepared to meet this commitment.

If you are new to meditation, it is expected that you will engage in seated meditation practice for 20 minutes each day. You may divide this into two practice periods. 
Before the retreat begins, you must read ALL of the posts in the "Beginners" section here

For those with an established practice (in our style), it is expected that you will engage in seated meditation for a minimum of 25 minutes each day (one meditation period). 
Please feel free to expand this to two (or more) 25 minute sessions. 

In addition to our strengthened meditation practice, we will be studying The Heart Sutra together. The expectation is that you will memorize the sutra, and if possible, that you will read the translation and commentary by Red Pine before the end of the retreat. You may start any time before the retreat. Links and specifics will be provided at the time of registration. These materials are available online. There will be no cost to you.

When you register, you are agreeing to become an active participant in the retreat. This means cultivating a sense of support and encouragement toward all of the members of the retreat group. Beginning February 1st, you will have access to a private forum here on our website that is not otherwise visible. Each day during the retreat, there will be teachings on The Heart Sutra, videos, and other resources. You agree to participate daily in these activities, if only to log in to the website and read the new posts in the retreat forum.

** Sunday Live Practice**
The retreat will begin and end with Sunday Live Practice via Zoom. If, due to your time zone, you are not able to participate live, it is expected that you will watch the recordings as soon as possible. 


At least once during the week (or before), I anticipate hearing from each of you through the "Members Chat" feature of the website. It is a private message system just like on Facebook. Please introduce yourself and connect in some way if we have not spoken before. Or, let me know how the retreat is going for you, any difficulties that you may be having or any insights that are appearing for you. Thank you.

I look forward to the opportunity to practice with you during this time. 

Honji Osho


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